Marryme is a Denizen script for Minecraft.

When the script is assigned to an NPC, you will be able to talk to that NPC. If you say the right words, that NPC will start to like you. And if you manage to solve a small riddle, you will be granted an option to marry that NPC. Be careful about your choice though, because there’s no divorce implemented ;-). You will also have to pay a configurable amount of money for the wedding.

Features when married:

  • NPC will give you some money every day (20h real time, not ingame time).
  • You can equip your spouse with weapons and armor of your choice (no extra permissions required).
  • NPC can follow you and even teleport to you with a custom command.
  • Your spouse has quite a repertoire of witty advices for you.
All options can be changed in the script or ingame with the following command:

/npc constant --set CONSTANT_NAME --value CONSTANT_VALUE

The default values for the constants are:

    # You will need this amount to marry the NPC.
    price: 2000
    # NPC will reward you daily with the following amount of money if you ask them about it.
    earningreward: 50
    earningcooldownduration: 20h
    # The NPC will tell you that this is their favourite color
    likescolor: red
    # You will need to give the NPCs this item to be able to marry the NPC. 
    marryitem: i@poppy
    # How long the NPC will not have a conversation with you after a positive or negative reaction.
    negativecooldown: 1d
    positivecooldown: 6h
Download and install
  1. The bukkit/spigot plugins Citizens and Denizen must be installed.
  2. An economy plugin must be installed for the daily reward feature. I suggest Craftconomy.
  3. Download the script at the Denizen Script Repository.
  4. Place it into your /plugins/Citizens/plugins/Denizen/scripts/ folder.
  5. Create a new NPC with /npc create Bob
  6. Assign the script to the NPC with: /npc assign ‐‐set marryme
  7. Optional: Change the constants to your liking.
  8. Optional: Change skin but leave same name with: /npc skin Xericore

Download at

Denizen Script Repo